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Pinstripe Bowl, Syracuse Vs. Kansas State: Marcus Sales Catches Third TD, Retaking Cuse Lead

Syracuse Orange WR Marcus Sales is having the game of a lifetime in the Pinstripe Bowl, with five catches for 174 yards and three touchdowns. The junior only had five career touchdowns coming into today, and today’s yardage total is only about 70 yards shy of what he put up throughout the entire regular season.

His most recent effort, a 44-yard bomb from QB Ryan Nassib, gave the Orange the lead again after a brief Kansas St. Wildcats edge. Syracuse missed an extra point on their previous drive, giving the Wildcats the lead upon a successful conversion. Cuse went for two after this touchdown to straighten up the books, but Nassib’s pass was tipped near the line.

Syracuse has outgained Kansas State by almost 160 yards. In a turnover-free game, I have no idea how the Wildcats are one decent drive from potentially taking a three-point lead, but here we are.

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