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Conference USA Championship Game, UCF Vs. SMU: Knights Control First Quarter With 7-0 Lead

We're off to a rollicking start here in Orlando for the Conference USA Championship Game. The Knights receive to open play, and the first drive is all Latavius Murray and Jeff Godfrey. The  Knight's No. 1 runner and quarterback combine for a rush-heavy, six-minute drive aided by a 15-yard SMU penalty and a 16-yard reception by Murray. With 8:11 remaining in the first quarter, the duo connect on a five-yard touchdown strike, and Central Florida goes up 7-0.

That's about all the action we're going to see this quarter. Kyle Padron completes a 37-yard pass to Darius Johnson on SMU's first play from scrimmage, but follows that up with back-to-back incompletions, and the Knights' answering drive, another Murray-Godfrey affair, stalls out with a sack barely into Mustang territory. SMU gets off one play before the clock hits 00:00, and the first quarter draws to a close with the Knights leading the Mustangs, 7-0.