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Conference USA Championship Game, UCF Vs. SMU: Knights Take 10-0 Lead Into Halftime

We rejoin the 2010 Conference USA Championship Game with the underdog SMU Mustangs in mid-drive. Two promising big plays (a 23-yard run by Zach Line and a 13-yard pass from Kyle Padron to Darius Johnson) move the ball nicely, but two straight incomplete passes and largely ineffectual rushing stall the drive in mid-UCF territory, and the Mustangs are prevented from getting on the board by a 47-yard field goal attempt on the part of Matt Szymanski that sails wide.

Two short and fruitless drives are traded, and the Knights saddle up at their own 1-yard line. The mid-range passing game is employed to great effect, as Jeff Godfrey completes passes of 10, 13, 16, 13, and 21 yards to Kamar Aiken and Brian Watters. A 15-yard penalty backs them up from SMU's 3-yard line, and the Knights must settle for a 29-yard field goal from Nick Cattoi.

At the half, Central Florida leads SMU, 10-0.