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Conference USA Championship Game, UCF Vs. SMU: Knights Hang On To 17-0 Shutout Lead

UCF has flirted with a permanent spot in the national rankings this year, and their stalwart defense is on full display today in Orlando. They've got help, however: The third quarter of the 2010 Conference USA Championship Game kicks off with a fast foot-shooting on the part of SMU. On a punt from their own 25, Central Florida's returner muffs the catch, but the Knights recover the ball and eat five minutes off the clock with a drive capped by a 36-yard Latavius Murray touchdown. With 6:30 on the clock in the third quarter, UCF leads SMU, 17-0.

The next drive goes even worse for the flailing Mustangs. Zach Line and Kyle Padron move the ball in fits and starts, but Padron gets bogged down by the Knights' keen defense, first throwing two incomplete passes and then getting a third attempt intercepted deep in UCF territory. The Knights have reversed field and are driving at midfield as the third quarter ends. Central Florida leads SMU, 17-0.