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Conference USA Championship Game, UCF Vs. SMU: Mustangs A Mess

The fourth quarter of the 2010 Conference USA title game is nasty, brutish, and short. We rejoin our heroes in Orlando just in time to see Jeff Godfrey get sacked and the Knights punt it away. And here comes SMU, playing some actual football!

Kyle Padron and Zach Line go back to work, and with several mid-range passes and a handful of crucial short-yardage gains, they're in scoring position. Padron hits Aldrick Robinson from 22 yards out for what will be SMU's only score of the game. Over nine minutes remain in the game, but the action is all but over. UCF goes three-and-out thanks to a sack. Padron first fumbles thanks to a sack on SMU's next drive; Line recovers but Padron is intercepted two plays later. Nick Cattoi misses a responding 52-yard field goal for the Knights. SMU goes completely to pieces and gives up, by our rough count, five sacks on their last drive, and that's all from Orlando. Central Florida takes the C-USA title with a 17-7 victory.

The Knights' likely postseason opponent at this point will be Georgia in the Liberty Bowl. Watching George O'Leary's band of standups attempt to defend Aaron Murray should make for interesting television, to say the least. Stay tuned to our bowl selections StoryStream for the latest matchup news, and browse our complete 2010 college football postseason schedule for more information.