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SEC Championship Game, Auburn Vs. South Carolina: Cam Newton's Legs Retake Tigers' Lead, 14-7

The Auburn Tigers take over, after a 22-yard kickoff return by Demond Washington, at their own 26-yard line. Cam Newton gets straight back to making flashy plays, hitting Eric Smith down the right side for a 14-yard gain on first down. The Gamecocks seem to have Michael Dyer's number early, as the highly-touted freshman gets a bare yard on his next carry. Undeterred, Newton takes to the air for an 11-yard pass to Darvin Adams.

Auburns' next set of downs are more frustrating -- to begin with. Newton throws an incomplete pass thanks to a tipped ball, rushes right for a two-yard loss, and just when you think Auburn might be slowed, he runs right over the middle for a 20-yard gain on 3rd-and-12. There is no other team in the SEC that can pull off a move like that with such confidence. Two plays later, Darvin Adams catches a 13-yarder; Dyer finally gets an 11-yard gash up the middle, and Newton himself barrels a final five yards for a touchdown. With 6:08 remaining in the first quarter of the 2010 SEC Championship Game, Auburn leads South Carolina, 14-7.

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