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SEC Championship Game, Auburn Vs. South Carolina: Tigers 56, Gamecocks 17 (Final)

We've hit rock bottom here in the Georgia Dome, in the waning minutes of the 2010 SEC Championship Game. Trailing 49-17 in the biggest game of his career as skipper of the Gamecocks, Steve Spurrier comes up on a third down his team can't convert -- and kicks a field goal. This one actually sails true off the foot of Spencer Lanning, but the psychic damage is done: If you're not watching, trust me when I say you've never seen a finer Tommy Bowden imitation than the one the Ol' Ballcoach is putting on right now. It is beyond upsetting.

The carnage isn't over. It's senior back Mario Fannin's birthday today, and he's brought out along with Barrett Trotter for what will be the Tigers' final drive. Trotter throws one 16-yard pass to Derek Winter, but the duo keep the ball on the ground the rest of the way, and Fannin plays out his swan song in the Georgia Dome with a six-yard touchdown. Connor Shaw takes the field for a final, heartsick two minutes, and it's all over. Final score in the 2010 SEC Championship Game: Auburn 56, South Carolina 17.

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