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BCS Championship Projections: Clear The Way For Oregon And Auburn

With most of Championship Saturday in the books, it's safe to start making some more 2010 college football bowl projections (although it doesn't take much projecting to see the big picture from here):

Surprising absolutely no one, your BCS national title matchup will, barring an unforeseeable and inexplicable act of God, pair the undefeated duo of the BCS No. 2 Oregon Ducks and the No. 1 Auburn Tigers in Glendale. While there is much to love and admire about this year's TCU team, the cold fact remains that they were idle this week while Oregon handily beat their most hated rivals and Auburn won college football's highest-profile conference championship by a godzillion points. Voters will not be rewarding the Horned Frogs. That's just the way it is.

As soon as the selections for remaining bowl slots are announced, you'll be able to read about them in our 2010 bowl selections StoryStream. For a complete college football postseason schedule, click here.