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ACC Championship Game, Virginia Tech Vs. Florida State: Tyrod Taylor Opens Second Half With A Bang

The Virginia Tech Hokies got right back to it in the third quarter, with QB Tyrod Taylor lobbing a 45-yard catch-and-run touchdown to a wide open Danny Coale, sealing a seven-play, 67-yard scoring drive. Taylor now has two touchdowns and 161 yards passing on only 16 attempts, 97 of those yards to Coale, who’s only seven yards away from a new season high. The FSU pass rush nabbed Taylor twice at the end of the first half, but he’s back to his un-sacky, poor-man’s-Cam-Newton ways here in the second.

The Hokies are up to 111 yards rushing, led by Darren Evans’ 62 on only four attempts. I would write something about how many yards the Noles just produced, but they punted the ball back to VPI by the time I got halfway through the second paragraph here. Tech has outgained FSU by 68 yards as this drive begins.