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ACC Championship Game, Virginia Tech Vs. Florida State: Noles Run Back Missed Extra Point

POP QUIZ: What happens when a defender runs back a missed extra point? The ACC Championship Game audience in Charlotte just refreshed itself on the subject: two points for the returning team.

Virginia Tech Hokies kicker Chris Hazley got Charlie Brown’d as his holder took his finger off the ball a split second too early, causing the ball to topple over and skitter from Nole to Nole until Nigel Bradham picked it up and ran back the score. ESPN was momentarily confused about what all this meant, putting only one point on the scoreboard.

This transaction is actually a big deal. This is now a two-score game, not a three-score game. The Hokies scored the touchdown that caused all this on a nifty five-yard scoot by Tyrod Taylor, in case you’re interested. #niftyscoot

Getting the ball back after the kickoff, FSU had a chance to take advantage, but QB E.J. Manuel threw his second pick of the evening.