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BCS Bowl Games Projection: Will Orange Tab Stanford Or UConn Against Virginia Tech?

The Orange Bowl is faced with a tough choice: select the supposed patsy that might put fans in the stands, or pick the titan that might struggle to sell its ticket allotment?

If you haven't guessed, the patsy is Big East champion Connecticut, possibly the worst BCS team ever, and the titan is one-loss Pac-10 runner-up and virtually guaranteed BCS automatic qualifier Stanford. And the Orange Bowl must take one or the other if the Sugar Bowl, as expected, grabs Ohio State as its at-large selection.

That's a heck of a catch-22 that makes the Orange and Fiesta Bowl both the last of the BCS bowl games and, in all likelihood, the least.

The bet here is that the Orange Bowl grabs Connecticut to set up a UConn-Virginia Tech clash — the Hokies, as the ACC champions, are already set for their automatic bid to Miami — and hopes that the snowbirds from New England wintering in South Florida decide to watch a football game in person on New Year's Day.

It's probably a better bet for attendance's sake than hoping that Stanford fans follow a team across the country to Miami, but a UConn-Virginia Tech Orange Bowl isn't going to entice many fans with remote controls, and the Orange Bowl may be choosing between fans in the stands and fans on the couch.

Given the fact that fans in the stands make the Orange Bowl money, Connecticut would probably be the wiser choice.