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VIDEO: Tracy Wolfson Drinks Cam Newton's 'Cammy-Cam Juice' At SEC Championship Game

In today's example of Why Cam Newton Is A Really Big Deal, something called "Cammy-Cam Juice" briefly became an Internet sensation on Saturday. What is that, you ask? Well, all we know at this point is that it's what was in Cam Newton's bottle at the end of yesterday's SEC Championship Game, when CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson decided to take a swig.

While it is very amusing to hear Gary Danielson call whatever Newton decided to label Cammy-Cam Juice "some magic liquid," this was a moment of mirth in an otherwise dreadful second half of a game that Auburn more or less sewed up with a back-breaking Hail Mary. It should be dismissed as such. It won't be.

First and foremost, Gatorade has to be thrilled that its product is associated with the biggest name in college football in 2010, prohibitive Heisman Trophy favorite Cam Newton. If there isn't an ad with Newton calling Gatorade "the ingredients of champions" shortly after he hits an NFL field, I'll be stunned. Has there been any better unpaid ad in recent memory?

And, less importantly, less savory types will be sure to make all manner of jokes involving an woman drinking something a man called his "juice" and pronouncing it "a little sweet for my taste." That's disheartening, but before we blame Internet miscreants for all that, consider this: would those same jokes be made if it was a male sideline reporter? Would Newton have produced and handed over a bottle of it so easily, and reacted with such glee to the reporter guzzling some of it?