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College Football Rankings: Week 15 USA Today Poll Includes Six SEC Teams

Six SEC teams are ranked in the USA Today poll. It's par for the course for the nation's deepest conference.

Auburn is the top-ranked SEC team in the USA Today coaches poll for Week 15, at second, but it's the six teams from the conference in the poll which leads all Football Bowl Subdivision conferences.

Between that and the conference's two BCS bowl berths — Auburn to the BCS National Championship Game, Arkansas to the Sugar Bowl — and it might be impossible to convince any SEC loyalists the conference isn't the nation's best.

Even more incredibly, the SEC will probably match its six teams in the USA Today poll with six teams in the top 25 of the final BCS rankings.

I stopped trying to understand the SEC's "down year" a while back. I'm pretty sure it's a dead issue for the rest of the college football world, too.

Full Big Ten rankings are as follows:

- No. 2 Auburn
- No. 8 Arkansas
- No. 12 LSU
- No. 18 Alabama
- No. 20 South Carolina
- No. 22 Mississippi State