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College Football Rankings: Week 15 USA Today Poll Ranks Just Two Pac-10 Teams

The Pac-10 makes up in height for what it lacks in length in the Week 15 USA Today Poll.

Just two Pac-10 teams are ranked in the USA Today coaches poll for Week 15, but both are in the top five: Oregon is first and Stanford is fifth.

Of course, that's not a huge problem for the conference. Both Oregon and Stanford have berths to BCS bowl games all but sewn up; the Ducks should head to the BCS National Championship Game to play Auburn, while Stanford will likely meet Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. And the huge shares of the the riches generated by the BCS bowl games spend just as well for the Pac-10 as they do for the Big Ten or SEC, and though the conference's relative lack of bowl eligible teams will result in a loss of some expected revenue, having two cuts of the BCS pie is usually more than enough to make up for it.

In that way, the Pac-10's lack of depth isn't really a problem: it's where Oregon and Stanford are on the stack of BCS bowl eligible teams that makes the conference one of the nation's best this season.

Full Pac-10 rankings are as follows:

- No. 1 Oregon
- No. 5 Stanford