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Mississippi State, Michigan Will Head To Gator Bowl

Michigan and Mississippi State have very different approaches to the spread offense. Now, it seems, we'll get to see both of them on one field in the Gator Bowl.

The Florida Times-Union is reporting that both teams will end up in Jacksonville for the January 1 game, and, if true, it makes for a very interesting contrast in styles.

Rich Rodriguez has had success with a spread offense that relies on a mobile quarterback running the ball and executing the read option well. Dan Mullen's teams have been a bit more airborne — especially with Tim Tebow at Florida — but he's turned to a more ground-bound, option-based attack at Mississippi State. And though Chris Relf may not be in Denard Robinson's galaxy as far as running quarterbacks are concerned, both teams have had a lot of success without much airing it out in 2010.

The more interesting matchup may actually be Manny Diaz's swarming Bulldogs defense against Robinson and the Michigan offense. Michigan's porous defense will probably allow the Bulldogs to score at will; can the Wolverines keep the pace against an SEC defense that has done well against Cam Newton this season?