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Bowl Projections: Missouri Snatching Insight Bowl Berth From Nebraska?

So, earlier, when we mentioned that Nebraska could be heading to the Insight Bowl to play Iowa, we neglected to mention the possibility that no one on Earth knows which slots on the bowl schedule the Big 12's big names will fill.

Nebraska to the Insight Bowl is still a possibility. But Missouri to the Insight Bowl is also a possibility, and one that would set up a Nebraska-Arizona matchup in the Holiday Bowl that would be a rematch of the 2009 edition of that game. And then there's the chance that Oklahoma State could go to the Insight Bowl.

Truth be told, no one has confirmed anything about where Nebraska, Missouri, and Oklahoma State will end up, and despite a Missouri beat writer reporting that Missouri will head to the Insight Bowl, the Alamo Bowl and Holiday Bowl are also possible destinations for all three teams.

If that Columbia Tribune story is accurate — and it likely is — Nebraska is probably headed to the Holiday Bowl. Unless they're not.

Sorry, Huskers fans. We hope you've stocked up on enough Advil to make all of this hurt a little less.