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Sugar Bowl Selects Arkansas Vs. Ohio State Matchup

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The Allstate Sugar Bowl, traditionally fielding the SEC champion against an at-large BCS selection, will feature a highly-touted replacement team in 2011, as the No. 8 Arkansas Razorbacks have been tapped to replace conference winner Auburn, bound for the national title game. The Hogs will meet the No. 6 Ohio State Buckeyes, who have only one loss but lost a BCS tiebreaker --and a shot at the Rose Bowl -- to the Wisconsin Badgers.

Arkansas had harbored high (and justified) hopes of representing the SEC West in the conference championship game, but suffered two early-season losses to then-No. 1 Alabama and Auburn, ranked seventh at the time. They finished the regular season on a six-game win streak, including victories over ranked opponents South Carolina, Mississippi State, and LSU.

The Buckeyes' one loss came in October to the aforementioned Badgers; they've recorded wins over such luminaries as Miami and Iowa in 2010.

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