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Orange Bowl Game To Match Up Stanford Vs. Virginia Tech

Thanks to the majesty of the BCS system, viewers like you will see the fourth-ranked Stanford Cardinal in this year's Discover Orange Bowl on January 3. Facing them will be the Virginia Tech Hokies, ranked No. 13 in the BCS, a team that finished the season with 11 straight wins but lost to a I-AA team at home in September. Such is life. Snubbed teams that didn't have the good fortune to win a major conference title include No. 9 Michigan State (11-1), No. 11 Boise State (11-1), and No. 15 Nevada (12-1).

The Cardinal, for their part, appear by all accounts to be a monstrously talented team with a ferocious offense and a stout defense ... that just happened to be playing in the Pac-10 the same year as the 2010 iteration of Oregon. The Ducks handed the Cardinal their only loss of the season, a 52-31 shootout defeat in early October.

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