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College Football Rankings: ACC Teams In Week 15 USA Today Poll Have Good Bowl Matchups

There are only two teams from the ACC ranked in the Week 15 USA Today poll, and neither is in the top 10. But both get great bowl matchups.

Virginia Tech is 11th in the USA Today coaches poll for Week 15, and Florida State ranks 23rd, but each team has a relatively glamorous bowl destination before it.

Virginia Tech may be the lowest-ranked of the non-Connecticut BCS bowl game-bound teams in the final BCS rankings, but its Orange Bowl game against Stanford may be one of the better ones on the bowl schedule, pitting the nation's best one-loss team against its hottest two-loss squad.

And while Florida State's ACC Championship Game loss relegates the Seminoles to a non-New Year's Day bowl, it is at least the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, where the school will face its old nemesis, Steve Spurrier, and his South Carolina Gamecocks.

Full ACC rankings are as follows:

- No. 11 Virginia Tech
- No. 23 Florida State