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Cam Newton Interview: Auburn QB Denies Discussing Investigation With Father

Throughout the Cam Newton investigation, the Auburn Tigers quarterback has been withheld from the media, though that started to change after he was declared eligible. Newton spoke briefly after the SEC Championship Game, answering a question from CBS’ Tracy Wolfson about the ordeal with “I’m a SEC champion.”

With a BCS National Championship Game around the corner, Newton’s media restrictions appear to have loosened further. Thursday, in an interview with ESPN’s Chris Fowler, Newton spoke in specifics regarding his recruitment process at Mississippi State and Auburn.

Newton said he hasn’t talked to his father about whether anything forbidden occurred during recruitment. When asked for his speculation, Newton said, “It’s not for me to say.”

He also denied telling Mississippi State coaches that Auburn’s “money was too much,” as sources had reported, saying only that he had an “excellent conversation” with MSU coach Dan Mullen.

You’ll also be shocked to discover Cam Newton refers to himself in the third person: “Auburn possessed what’s best for Cam Newton … Everything I’ve done at this university, I’ve done it the right way. I’m a person that did no wrong.”