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College Football Awards: Patrick Peterson Is 2010 Jim Thorpe Honoree

The 2010 Jim Thorpe Award is being presented by a gentleman who obviously was not given the names of the finalists in advance (just one of the many perils of not being a regular sports blog reader). Reading off the list, he takes a good 15 seconds trying to get Prince Amukamara's name pronounced correctly, while the poor kid smiles as politely as possible under the circumstances, and then Prince doesn't even win. LSU's Patrick Peterson is called to the stage to accept the award for the nation's most outstanding defensive back. Presented by the Jim Thorpe Association, the award is being kept in the SEC family for another year, having been last won in 2009 by Tennessee's Eric Berry. Peterson is LSU's first Thorpe winner.

Listed on the roster as a corner, Peterson has notched seven interceptions in his career, but made his fame as a return man. If you encounter him on the street, do not kick a football his way. You will not like what happens.

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