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College Football Awards: 2010 Rimington Trophy Goes To TCU's Jake Kirkpatrick

The Rimington Trophy, which is not spelled Remington and does not come with a shotgun, is still a prestigious honor, awarded annually to the nation's most outstanding center in college football. The 2010 award goes to Jake Kirkpatrick, anchor of that TCU offensive line that's been keeping Andy Dalton's jersey clean while he throws for a million billion yards this season. The senior from Tyler, Texas is also perhaps the only player on the Horned Frogs' roster able to keep pace with Dalton in the department of Good Hair. He's got it reasonably slicked down tonight for the ESPN cameras; to get the full effect you really have to watch it waft out from under his helmet on game days.

Kirkpatrick actually started out as a basketball player, and didn't play football at all until his senior year of high school. It's an interesting story that you won't hear much about tonight, because no one on television cares about offensive line play. He's the first player from TCU to receive this honor.

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