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College Football Awards: Cam Newton Wins 2010 Maxwell Award

If Auburn Tigers QB Cam Newton is one day forced to vacate the 2010 Heisman Trophy, at least he’ll still have the Maxwell Award. Why would he have to give up the Heisman? I don’t know — I didn’t say he would. Clearly said “if.”

The Maxwell aims to honor the nation’s best player, and Newton fits the description better than any other college football player has in decades. Thirteenth in the nation in rushing yards, second in rushing touchdowns, first in yards per passing attempt and passer rating, and tenth in passing touchdowns, Newton was the engine and conductor of Auburn’s title run.

Despite constant off-field distractions, Newton got better and better as the season went along, culminating in a splintering of the South Carolina Gamecocks in the SEC Championship Game. For his coup de grace, he’ll attempt to lead Auburn to an outgunning of the Oregon Ducks in the BCS National Championship Game.

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