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Tutor In UNC Investigation Refuses To Talk To School

UNC’s investigation into academic infractions has apparently hit a not-entirely-surprising speed bump, according to Athletics Director Dick Baddour: The tutor involved in the alleged scandal.

“We’ve reached out to her a number of times,” Baddour said in a telephone interview. “We’ve indicated to her that we would like to talk to her about this investigation, and her preference is not to do that.”

And her preference would seem to matter a great deal in this case, as the tutor — named by the state’s McClatchy newspapers as Jennifer Wiley — is no longer a student at the university, leaving the school with few options to make her cooperate.

But at least any hint of academic violations should not affect Wiley’s qualifications for her current job, which is — let’s see here … ah, yes. A kindergarten teacher. How quaint.