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Alabama Vs. Michigan State, Capital One Bowl: QBs Kirk Cousins, Andrew Maxwell Hurt, 'Bama Rolls On

As we enter the fourth quarter of the Capital One Bowl, we have to ask whether it's humane for Michigan State to continue to send quarterbacks on the field. Alabama has delivered hard hits to Kirk Cousins and Andrew Maxwell, and the Tide are still pitching a shutout, 42-0.

Cousins has been the recipient of several hard hits to his blind side, the last of which sent him to the sideline. Team trainers were listening to his breathing with a stethoscope, and it was unclear whether he would be able to return to action.

The Tide defense was no kinder to Cousins' backup, Andrew Maxwell. The freshman quarterback also received a hit to the back, and now it's possible that one of the other two quarterbacks on the Michigan State roster -- Peter Badovinac or Joe Boisture -- could see some action.

Meanwhile, Eddie Lacy has become the fourth Alabama running back to score a touchdown on Sunday, improving the Tide's lead to 42-0. Eight Alabama players have positive rushing yardage on Saturday. Meanwhile, if Kirk Cousins' sacks and recovered fumbles are counted, Michigan State has negative-62 yards on the ground.

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