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2011 Rose Bowl, TCU Vs. Wisconsin: Horned Frogs 21, Badgers 19 (FINAL)

Either the defenses are adjusting to Pacific time in the fourth quarter of the 2011 Rose Bowl, or the offenses are finally running out of juice after barreling about largely unchecked for 45 minutes.

Three scoreless possessions go by, and with7:32 remaining in the game, Wisconsin gets the ball at their own 17-yard line. John Clay takes the bulk of carries, and just under five minutes later Montee Ball comes back in for a four-yard touchdown punch. This is about where all hell breaks loose.

Scott Tolzien attempts a two-point conversion pass to Jacob Pedersen, but Tank Carder is there first for TCU. He swats the ball away, and it's as good as over.

Brent Musberger intones, "Welcome back to one of the most important onside kicks in the history of the Rose Bowl," but the Horned Frogs' Bart Johnson comes up with the short ball, and Wisconsin has just one remaining timeout. TCU runs time off the clock; Andy Dalton takes two knees, and the first mid-major team to play in the Rose Bowl is going home victorious. Final score from Pasadena: TCU 21, Wisconsin 19.



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