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Nike Uses Oregon Ducks' BCS Championship Loss As Advertising Opportunity

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The Oregon Ducks have become Nike's pet marketing project over the years. From the uniforms, branding and use of the Ducks in advertisements, Oregon is Nike's college football cornerstone. It's no surprise, then, that the shoe and apparel company used the Ducks' loss in the BCS Championship as another marketing opportunity.

The ad itself is simple, clean and well-done. It's only a picture, of a hand holding an Oregon helmet, with six words. Those words -- "Everyone loses games. Few change them" -- capture a strong emotion following the Ducks' tough loss to Auburn.

Below the jump, the ad, scheduled to run in Oregon papers on Wednesday.

via Darren Rovell on Twitter.

Of course, it shows how much the corporate world plays a role in college football. The BCS Championship was littered with advertisements, right down to the Nike vs. Under Armor matchup on the field. Oregon has become a walking billboard for Nike, with the trademark swoosh plastered all over their uniforms. With the college football world's attention squarely on Oregon, Nike used the opportunity to cash-in.

Nike always finds a way to capture the college football world's attention -- whether it be the highlighter yellow socks the Ducks wore on Monday or this print ad following the game. In this case, however, it's less flash and more substance for the Portland-based company.