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Brady Hoke Hired: Desmond Howard, Braylon Edwards React To The News

While Michigan fans may have had dreams of a high-profile head coaching hire, they instead got an up-and-comer from San Diego State in Brady Hoke. The Aztecs head coach turned heads this year, compiling a 9-4 record at the helm in San Diego. On Tuesday, Hoke landed his dream job as he was named the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines.

Now that the coaching search is over, and Hoke has been introduced as the head coach, reactions are rolling in. The players were happy, the sentiment online spans the full spectrum of reactions -- from thrilled to forecasting impending doom -- and alums are rushing to praise Brandon for the choice.

Desmond Howard, former Michigan player and current ESPN analyst, hit Twitter shortly after Hoke's hiring was announced, saying he's heard plenty of positives about Hoke.

Brady Hoke will be Michigan's next head coach! I've heard nothing but positive things about him since midseason.less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

Jalen Rose also hit Twitter to give his opinion of the hire, opting to stick with the company line. Even Braylon Edwards chimed in, congratulating Hoke for landing his dream job and calling him a great coach.

If Braylon has your back, you're destined for head coaching success.