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Les Miles Holds Impromptu Press Conference, Accidentally Calls Dave Brandon

With Les Miles, everything is an adventure. So you just knew when it was announced on Tuesday that Miles would remain at LSU, despite meeting with Michigan the day before, that something interesting would happen. And it did when Miles was speaking at the American Football Coaches Association Conference. While speaking to the assembled crowd, Miles accidentally called Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon.


It was the most Miles thing he could've done on a day where he, once again, pledged his allegiance to LSU and Baton Rouge.


This is the same head coach known for his clock-management that borders on zany, eats grass as a sort-of nervous tick and earned the nickname "The Mad Hatter" for his unique style. Wherever he goes, chaos and hilarity usually follow, almost always unintentionally.


We probably should've expected nothing less than an accidental pocket dial of the athletic director that reportedly tried to lure him away from LSU at the press conference announcing he wasn't going anywhere. It just fits Miles far too well.