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Mark Richt Commits Most Inadvertent Secondary Violation In NCAA History

The idea of Mark Richt, Gallant to his SEC coaching counterparts' Goofuses, putting even one impeccably-manicured toenail out of line is a far-fetched one, but here we are: Among various piddling secondary violations committed by Georgia staffers in 2010, look who got himself a one-week ban on recruiting phone calls! And the "how" is even funnier. Bulldogs AD Greg McGarity characterizes the incident as "inadvertent," and we have to hand it to him: This is the inadvertent-est phone call we have ever heard of.

"While he was checking the voicemail left by Ms. Bailey, Coach Richt missed another call from the 678 area code," McGarity wrote. "After he listened to Ms. Bailey’s message, Coach Richt hit the send button for what he thought was Ms. Bailey. When a male’s voice answered the phone, Coach Richt was surprised and asked if it was Sterling, thinking he was calling Ms. Bailey and the PSA answered; however the person answering the phone told him he had the wrong number. When Coach Richt asked who it was, the individual said it was C.J. Curry."

True or not, the attention to detail here is uproariously funny. We would have advised him to just take the "butt-dial" defense route ourselves, but we have an idea that Mark Richt would rather eat his stylish leather cell phone holster than say the word "butt" out loud.

HT: Bryan Fischer.