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Rutgers QB Tom Savage Barred From Transferring To Miami (But Not Western Michigan)

Tom Savage, a sophomore quarterback at Rutgers and former freshman All-American, wants to transfer after losing his Scarlet Knights starting job to injury and true freshman Chas Dodd, in that order. His conditional release from Rutgers bars him from speaking with Florida, Florida State, Michigan, and Miami. This last proviso isn't sitting well with Savage, who's displayed an interest in the 'Canes that is apparently mutual, and is especially galling considering Miami's not in the Big East and isn't scheduled to play Rutgers for the remainder of Savage's eligibility. Don't feel bad for the kid, though: Greg Schiano has graciously allowed Savage to speak with Arizona, Marshall, Northern Illinois, and Western Michigan, which are all technically Division I programs! Thanks, Coach!

Savage's dad is unsurprisingly said to be lawyering up on his son's behalf. For more Rutgers athletics news, visit SB Nation's On The Banks.