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Is Iowa Associate AD Implying Hospitalized Hawkeye Players Were Lazy?

The Iowa athletic department is not known for its forthright and deft handlings of public relations nightmares (of which they've had more than their fair share), so we suppose it shouldn't be particularly surprising that some in the administration are already trying to subtly shift the blame for the hospitalization of 13 players after a workout from the program to ... the players!

Associate athletics director Fred Mims says the case is a "good lesson" for why university officials should ask players about how they are feeling after strenuous workouts. He said Wednesday that the school will also try to avoid problems after players return from breaks and might not have kept up with fitness routines by making sure expectations are clear.

Those expectations being, "Don't come back puffy and listless from vacation, or we might kill you." Happy new year, Hawkeyes!