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2011 Senior Bowl Practices: Jake Locker's NFL Draft Stock On The Rise After Rough Monday

Washington Huskies QB Jake Locker isn’t likely to compete his way back to the No. 1 spot in the 2011 NFL Draft that was presumed to be his at one point. But if Senior Bowl practices are any indication, he might at least make a move in that direction. As long as scouts get to see more Tuesday Locker than they do Monday Locker, at least.

In day one of practices, Locker overthrew several receivers, had one pass tipped, and had another picked off. Tuesday’s round had him looking more like the quarterback that beat Nebraska than the one that lost to Nebraska, nevermind the fact that he didn’t complete very many passes in the Holiday Bowl. Just roll with it.

Locker has the most pro-ready mechanics of the six quarterbacks in the Senior Bowl, from footwork to release, and his athleticism is going to make at least one GM think about taking his card earlier than expected. As long as he can operate with composure, there’s no reason he shouldn’t make up lost draft stock this week.