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Vikings Come To 2011 Senior Bowl In Search Of Quarterbacks

The Minnesota Vikings are a curious case heading into the 2011 Senior Bowl because they still don't know who their 2011 quarterback will be. It could be someone practicing this week in Mobile, AL (unlikely) or it could be someone via free agency (if there even is free agency) or someone else in the draft. 

The Vikings are among the teams most likely to take a quarterback in the upcoming draft -- not necessarily in the first round -- and Steve Wyche of says the Vikings are looking for at least one project quarterback. The Senior Bowl would be a good spot to find that quarterback and they better do it quick because, as Frazier says, they're behind the rest of the position in that regard. 

"We don't think we're that far away, but we have to get the right guy under center. Otherwise, we'll fall further behind people in our division. The two teams that played in the NFC Championship Game (Green Bay and Chicago) are from our division. That tells you we've got a tough division. We've got to get it right at quarterback, whether it be a veteran or a young guy."

If they're looking for a day-one starter from the Senior Bowl then your only candidate may be Locker. As pointed out earlier, he has the most pro-ready mechanics of any of the quarterbacks the Vikings are checking out this week. We'll see who's able to impress the Vikings most after Saturday's game.