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2011 Senior Bowl: Who's Helping Their NFL Draft Stock?

One of my favorite parts of the postseason all-star games like the 2011 Senior Bowl is seeing players go from anonymity to NFL draft favorite. Those players, like Texas A&M LB Von Miller this year, that come in and absolutely blow up. Miller was a solid first round prospect -- and now he's being talked about in the top five. 

Our Panthers blog, Cat Scratch Reader, has taken a particularly high interest in the 2011 Senior Bowl since Carolina holds the No. 1 overall pick. They have a list of a bunch of players that have hurt and helped their stock during Senior Bowl practices this week. Here are a couple who have helped themselves:

As it stands, it appears impressing the most are WR Titus Young and NT Phil Taylor. Some scouts now thinkYoung could be a 2nd round prospect. Meanwhile Taylor is trying to cement himself as the #1 NT in the draft. Colin Kapernick is getting a lot of press, as the QBs tend to and I think he'll be a great value pick for a team with an established starter and the 2-3 years needed for Kapernick to overhaul his throwing motion.

The nose tackle position will be become more and more important as more teams go to the 3-4 defense. It used to be a handful of teams running the 3-4 and now it's nearly half the league. 

Check out Cat Scratch Reader to see who the No. 1 pick Panthers are talking about at the Senior Bowl.