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2011 Senior Bowl: Noel Devine Slipping Because Of Size Concerns?

West Virginia running back Noel Devine has been one of the most explosive players in college football over the last four years, but as he's finding out at the 2011 Senior Bowl, size matters a lot more in the NFL.

Devine's name has percolated this week in a variety of "How small is he?" questions, thanks to weighing in at five feet, seven inches and 160 pounds, a size or two below the height and weight NFL scouts likely would have preferred. That's helped ESPN's Todd McShay, among others, decree that his stock is slipping. This quote is relayed by NBC Sports' Evan Silva:

McShay: "I think WVU RB Noel Devine has hurt his draft stock. Inability to break tackles and gets lost in passing game. Third-day prospect."

Despite that, and despite Devine not participating in pass-blocking drills earlier this week, he's got game-breaking speed and could be an asset to a team as a return specialist. Devine has also told reporters he wants to bulk up to 180 pounds by the NFL Combine.