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2011 Senior Bowl: Colin Kaepernick Boosting NFL Draft Stock To Second Round Range

Nevada's Colin Kaepernick was one of college football's most productive quarterbacks for the Wolf Pack, but it was always thought that his unorthodox size — Kaepernick has been listed at six feet, six inches, but is actually six feet, four and a half inches — would work against him in the NFL. Thanks to some impressive work in the 2011 Senior Bowl practices, that may be changing.

Kaepernick opened the week with an impressive first day, and has done little to ding his rising NFL Draft stock.

That's made Colin Kapernick one of the hottest names of the week. Optimum Scouting's Eric Galko passes along that Kaepernick may have pushed himself into the second round with his performance.

Heard on plane back from scout that Kaepernick could go as high as 2nd round! I think Mia, Ten, Min most interested; I think he's a project

Those three teams — the Dolphins, Titans, and Vikings — would all presumably be looking for a franchise quarterback. Kaepernick has projectable potential, but he might be too rough a diamond for that high a selection.