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2011 Senior Bowl: Patrick Peterson Says He'll Run Sub-4.3 Time In 40-Yard Dash

Patrick Peterson was one of the nation's top defensive players last year at LSU, and his versatility in the return game earned him praise as one of college football's best athletes and a fringe Heisman candidate. But could the cornerback, meeting with teams this week at the 2011 Senior Bowl, really run a sub-4.3 40? And what would that do for his 2011 NFL Draft stock?

That's what Peterson thinks, it seems. He's not participating in the Senior Bowl, as a draft-eligible junior who has chosen to enter himself in the draft, but he's telling scouts he's slimmed down and is taking aim at some ludicrous speed.

Pat Peterson from LSU is at the Sr. Bowl with his dad & he is telling everyone that his weight is down to 211 & that he will run a sub 4.3

Obviously, 40-yard dash times are not the only or best measure of a player's skills, or even a player's speed. But if Peterson can truly be that fast both in shorts and pads, it makes him an extraordinary talent and a once-in-a-generation prospect at cornerback: Peterson already has uncommon size for the position, and adding blazing speed to his impressive coverage skills and ball-hawking ability gives him the profile of a top-five pick.

He might even go first overall in the draft to the Carolina Panthers. He's been rising of late, prompting Albert Breer to ask about his ceiling in a roundabout way.

Doing some work for my NFL Notes ... Do you realize no DB has been taken first overall in 55 years? Could Patrick Peterson buck that trend?