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Ray Drew Commits To Georgia Ahead Of Signing Day: Fans Joyful, Pundits Sulky

Checking in with reactions to top-rated defensive end Ray Drew's commitment to the Georgia Bulldogs. Which major media outlets should learn to take a joke? Let's find out!

• Let's get this out of the way first: For those of you assuming that Ray Drew's status as a licensed minister comes courtesy of some fly-by-night website, be disabused: Andy Staples wrote in early January that Drew has a true calling, and is a frequent preaching participant in local church services.

• UGA's Rivals outpost is quick to point out that whatever fun Drew's been having with recruiting hounds the past few weeks, he's no prima donna:

"He has the ideal body for a 3-4 defense as an OLB. But his growth potential should allow him to become a 260 pound defensive end," analyst Barry Every said. "He approaches the game with an excellent attitude and should become a leader on and off the field for the Bulldogs.

• About that internet fun: The Orlando Sentinel was one of many outlets to take Drew's "shock the world" hints seriously, despite weeks of indicators that Drew was clearly having a laugh at various tracking services' expense with every new intimation:

Ray Drew will "shock the world" today; does that mean Miami?


• Some saw the pick as a letdown after promises of shocking news, although didn't the obvious pick make it a surprise? Huh?

• Back to the serious: Stewart Mandel points out that this class may be a reliable indicator of the relative warmth of Mark Richt's seat in the captain's chair at Athens.

• SB Nation Atlanta celebrates the Dawgs' victory over various forms of large cats, and highlights just how big a get this is for the Georgia Bulldogs (and they're not kidding about the offers; Drew had more than 20 before he was through):

Rivals considers Drew the nation’s best defensive end, the No. 2 player in the Peach State, and the No. 9 player overall nationwide. He had offers from oh gosh like every school you’ve ever heard of.

• And over at DawgSports, they've already starting coming up with nicknames for Drew. Clubhouse leader: "The Pastor of Disaster."

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for more college football recruiting news, as we close in on National Signing Day.