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Florida Officially Announces Charlie Weis As Offensive Coordinator

The University of Florida officially announced the arrival of Charlie Weis on Monday, one day after Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley confirmed to reporters that Weis was headed to Florida. Weis, who is currently the Chiefs offensive coordinator, will head to Florida once the Chiefs are out of the playoffs.

"Charlie will remain with the Kansas City Chiefs through the playoffs," Florida coach Will Muschamp said. "We hope the Chiefs make a run to the Super Bowl - it would be great for the Chiefs and great for the Gators. Everyone involved with the Kansas City organization has been first class about the transition."

Though there's been plenty of speculation on the reasons for Weis' exit, Haley said he was leaving for "family reasons" with Weis' son going to school at Florida and working in the football program next year. 

The Chiefs will now have to find their fourth offensive coordinator in the Todd Haley era. Chan Gailey was fired before the 2009 season, Haley was the man during the 2009 season and now Charlie Weis in 2010. The Chiefs have a couple of options to promote from within or else they'll look to other teams in the NFL.