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Rich Rodriguez Not Fired Until Michigan AD Dave Brandon Says So

Just hold your coaching carousel horses there one confounded minute, media speculators and internet prospectors. Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon is the boss around here, consarnit, and he'll have you know that Rich Rodriguez will not be fired until Dave Brandon says he is fired. Dave Brandon is the decider:

The University of Michigan has denied reports that Rich Rodriguez has been fired. The school released a statement that said:

"This is media speculation at this point the definitive voice on this matter is [Athletic Director] Dave Brandon and he has not and will not speak publicly until a final decision has been made."

It will be a shame if he's still there next year, really, for all involved, because a) the Detroit Free Press will never, ever stop hounding after his destruction, and b) there's still an opening for the skipper's chair at Pitt, and wouldn't that make for a howdy-do of a Backyard Brawl.

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