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2011 Sugar Bowl, Ohio State Vs. Arkansas: Terrelle Pryor & Dane Sanzenbacher Produce Another Improbable Buckeyes Touchdown

We're forced to wait a few minutes for the next burst of action in the 2011 Sugar Bowl, but the delay is well worth the reward, for those of you who enjoy impossible acrobatics.

Following Daniel Herron's touchdown jog, a rare sack on Ryan Mallett stymies an answering Razorbacks drive, but the Arkansas defense holds steadfast against a Buckeyes three-and-out. As the first quarter draws to a close, the Hogs churn out another futile possession.

The 12:36 mark, for those of you DVRing this, is where you'll  want to start paying attention, because that's when Terrelle Pryor wings a 42-yard rocket lob to Reid Fragel to move the Buckeyes halfway into Arkansas territory. (Haha, Arkansas territory! How quaint!)  A minute and a half of boring short-yardage plays follow, and then Pryor sidearms a 15-yard pass into the endzone, where it's caught by Dane Sanzenbacher despite the receiver having to carry an Arkansas defender piggyback at the same time. The play is reviewed, as is apparently the rule for all touchdowns this evening, stands, and with 10:30 remaining in the second quarter, Ohio State leads Arkansas, 21-7.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for more live scoring updates, and follow along with Razorbacks and Buckeyes fans in our game discussion threads.