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Trent Baalke Named San Francisco 49ers GM, Reportedly To Jim Harbaugh's Approval

The general manager position for the 49ers reportedly came down to Trent Baalke and Mike Lombardi, with both reportedly being approved by potential head coach Jim Harbaugh. The announcement is now official, per the San Jose Mercury News, that the 49ers have promoted from within to make Trent Baalke their new general manager. 

Baalke has been with the 49ers for six years and spent this past season as the vice president of player personnel. He oversaw the team's 2010 NFL Draft.

Now that a general manager has been hired, the attention will now turn to hiring a new head coach, and speculation has been that Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh is going to be the next coach for the 49ers with an announcement as early as Wednesday.

Harbaugh has also reportedly been offered a voice in team personnel decisions if he indeed does become the new Niners coach.

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