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2011 Sugar Bowl, Ohio State Vs. Arkansas: Ryan Mallett, D.J. Williams Make It A 10-Point Game

Arkansas is showing some signs of life here in the third quarter of the 2011 Sugar Bowl, but they sure take their sweet (sorry) time getting around to it.

Jordan Hall runs the second-half opening kickoff back 33 yards for the Buckeyes, and Terrelle Pryor rips off a 17-yard gain on first down, but on the next three plays the Buckeyes are held to a total of three yards, and the Hogs get the ball at their own 19-yard line.

A four-minute drive stalls outside the red zone, and Zach Hocker manages a 46-yard field goal. Never one to go through a Sugar Bowl without diligently attempting to fritter away any advantages, the Buckeyes go three-and-out. And so do the Hogs. And Devin Barclay is sent out for a 46-yard field goal. And just when things are getting really, really sleepy, Arkansas puts together a three-minute, seven-play touchdown drive that ends with a 22-yard scoring pass from Ryan Mallett to Jarius Wright, and a stretching two-point conversion by internet favorite D.J. Williams. The Buckeyes are driving as time runs out on the third quarter, with Ohio State leading Arkansas, 31-21.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for more live scoring updates, and follow along with Razorbacks and Buckeyes fans in our game discussion threads.