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2011 Sugar Bowl, Ohio State Vs. Arkansas: Daniel Herron Safety Sets Stage For One-Possession Ballgame

Arkansas has just scored, but the momentum in the second half of the 2011 Sugar Bowl is still swinging Hogs-ward.

An Ohio State University punt opens the fourth quarter of play, and Arkansas' next possession goes next to nowhere. They pin the Buckeyes at their own 4-yard line, however, and on the first play from scrimmage Terrelle Pryor hands off to Daniel Herron. He's shoved back into his own endzone by Anthony Leon, then brought to the ground by Rudell Crim for an Arkansas safety. Ohio State leads, 31-23. The heavily partisan, largely Arkansan crowd is on its feet, and even though the Hogs' next series ends in a 47-yard Zach Hocker field goal, the damage is done and we're in a one-possession game. With 9:01 remaining in the fourth quarter, Ohio State leads, 31-26.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for more live scoring updates, and follow along with Razorbacks and Buckeyes fans in our game discussion threads.