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2011 Sugar Bowl Final Score: Ohio State 31, Arkansas 26

The 2011 Sugar Bowl, a lurching game played largely in fits and starts, ends with a round of hot-potato worthy of a tipsy church picnic.

The Buckeyes are in clock-eating mode even for the Buckeyes, but unlike most Jim Tressel units they don't seem to be very good at going slow. A six-rush-one-pass drive with just under nine minutes remaining in the game ends with another Daniel Herron vapors episode, this one a fumble that Arkansas recovers, then immediately squanders with a holding call and a three-and-out. The Buckeyes can't eat all the turf afforded them, and punt the ball away with 1:15 remaining in the game.

Or attempt to. The kick is blocked by wee freshman wide receiver Julian Horton, and the Hogs set up at the Buckeyes' 18-yard line. On second down, Solomon Thomas, the only Ohio State player supposed to be serving a suspension for this game that the rest of the country might have trouble identifying on sight, intercepts Ryan Mallett. The streak is snapped, and the Buckeyes move to 1-9 against SEC competition in the postseason. Final score from the Louisiana Superdome: Ohio State 31, Arkansas 26.

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