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Miami Dolphins Making Push For Jim Harbaugh, According To Sources

ESPN’s Chris Mortonson is reporting that Miami Dolphins owner and Michigan alum Steve Ross is on the West Coast right now in a bid to convince Jim Harbaugh to coach for him next year.

Ross was accompanied by general manager Jeff Ireland and former NFL executive Carl Peterson to make the pitch to Harbaugh to replace Tony Sparano as the team’s head coach, the sources said. Ross is willing to make Harbaugh the highest-paid coach in the NFL, which would place his salary in the $7-to-$8-million range, the sources said, after receiving a signal from the Stanford coach that he was now willing to listen seriously to the team’s presentation.

A Dolphins spokesman claims to have no knowledge of the trip and Peter King says the Phins are already out of it.

As a Michigan alum, Ross apparently has an understanding with the University. He only decided to pursue Harbaugh once it was clear there was no interest in the UM job.

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