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Jim Harbaugh To Dolphins Sounding More Like A Possibility

The Miami Dolphins have reportedly made a late run at Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh, who met with the San Francisco 49ers on Wednesday. Despite that meeting, the Dolphins are apparently the front-runner at this point to land Harbaugh.

Team owner Steve Ross and GM Jeff Ireland made the trip to California to speak with Harbaugh and they're reportedly willing to pay him over $7 million per year. That's enough money to have reportedly made the 49ers back off at this point. 

Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News reports that "indications are that Jim Harbaugh will accept Miami's huge offer." Kawakami cautioned that it's not a done deal but signs are pointing that way. In addition to that, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports some Dolphins coaches are packing their bags in Miami on Thursday -- but not (yet) current head coach Tony Sparano.

Before the Dolphins can make any move, they need to fire Sparano and adhere to the Rooney rule. If it's well known that Harbaugh is on his way to Miami, the Rooney Rule may be an important obstacle they need to get past. 

There's still a lot that can (and probably will) change but the signs right now point to Jim Harbaugh in Miami.