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Jim Harbaugh Reportedly Out Of The Running For Miami Dolphins Job; Tony Sparano Safe

After furious speculation throughout the day on Thursday, Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh is reportedly out of the running for the non-vacant Miami Dolphins head coaching job. Harbaugh did meet with the Dolphins, but owner Stephen Ross decided to stay the course and keep head coach Tony Sparano on the job.

Fox Sports' Jay Glazer posted the news on Twitter, which was confirmed by ESPN's Chris Mortensen. Mortensen added that Harbaugh and the Miami front office had a meeting, though Ross decided to keep Sparano around.

LATEST ESPN UPDATE: After meeting w Harbaugh, source says Dolphins have decided that Tony Sparano is the best man for job. Will be retained.less than a minute ago via web

Now that the public tango between Ross and Harbaugh is over, the Dolphins and Sparano enter the awkward phase of getting back to work as if it was business as usual. Ross was clearly looking for a head coach while Sparano was still on the job, creating an all-around weird situation for the Dolphins.

Harbaugh still has options, either within the NFL or back at Stanford. The Broncos are looking to lock him down for an interview, the San Francisco 49ers reportedly did interview him and the Oakland Raiders are also looking for a head coach. With Andrew Luck returning to Stanford for another year, he may just leave the money behind and return to Palo Alto.