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Jim Harbaugh Gets Increased Offer From Stanford

The Jim Harbaugh coaching search continues. Just two days ago, Harbaugh was talking with the 49ers, and then the Dolphins swooped in the next day and only to swoop back out and with Andrew Luck announcing he will stay at Stanford, the stage is set for Harbaugh to return to Stanford. Of course, that's far from a done deal and if Harbaugh's situation has taught us anything it's not to assume.

From what we can tell, it's come down to staying at Stanford or heading to the NFL, most likely with the 49ers.  Aaron Wilson of National Football Post reports Stanford has increased their offer to Harbaugh and they appear to be the favorite.

Stanford has dramatically increased its offer to coach Jim Harbaugh to try to convince him to not jump to the  NFL, augmenting its latest proposal considerably, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

Per a source, Harbaugh is giving their proposal "serious consideration," and Stanford has a very good chance of holding onto him.

The momentum with the 49ers was seemingly lost days ago, the Dolphins are hanging onto Tony Sparano and the Broncos won't interview him so Stanford appears to be the only logical choice left. 

A decision is expected soon, possibly as soon as Friday.